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V-Pro Plasma in Action
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V-Series Standard Features

  • EZ Control: 3-axis Motion Control System complete with EZ Suite application software

  • EZ G-Code™ programming software

  • EZ Control Hand Held Operator Interface

  • Standard Ethernet connection to your computer

  • Automatic Torch Height (ATH) Control

  • Powerful dual X-axis digital high-speed drive motors

  • Integral V-Cam roller bearings for maximum stiffness and contamination resistance

  • Plenum with 12" (305mm) diameter outlet hose connection to attach fume extraction system

  • The V-Series plasma is custom engineered with an extruded aluminum frame combined with steel leg supports for high strength and rigidity

  • The V-Pro plasma comes standard with heavy-duty, all-steel water or fume evacuation table and features Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200 Plasma Cutting System

It's Easy to Cut Accurate Quality Partscnc plasma

V-Series Plasma is the choice for maximum value and performance to cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. This affordable cutting solution features Hypertherm PowerMax™ plasma cutting torch technology. Included EZ G-Code software allows the V-Series operators to program complex shapes and configurations quickly.

Our innovations in CNC plasma systems start with the EZ Control material library. EZ Control sets all cut parameters automatically, yielding highly consistent cut quality.

No Programming Experience Required


Our CNC machines use EZ Suite, which is a complete machine tool management solution that combines several applications to provide user-friendly methods for setting up, managing, updating, and troubleshooting the machine and job files. EZ G-Code is an easy-to-use CAM software solution that is designed to make CNC cutting easier at the operator level. Designers understand the art of creating beautiful parts and units in sophisticated CAD programs, but operators know how to fine tune machines and get the best cuts possible. After all, operators work with machines all day, every day.

The huge benefit of EZ G-Code is that the entire program from start to finish is easy to navigate simply by hitting the “Next” button. This takes the operator through the necessary steps to ensure perfect cuts every time.

Most CAM systems require several complicated steps to translate a CAD file into machine-ready G-Code. You must determine and enter such factors as tool selection, cut order, cut direction, kerf compensation, and speeds before you can create useable data. But EZ G-Code automates these tasks, saving valuable time and simplifying the production process.

Featuring Hypertherm® Torches

V-Series is proud to partner exclusively with Hypertherm®, the global leader in plasma cutting torches. Its True Hole™ technology creates perfectly round holes with exceptional edge quality and reduced bevel or taper.

Shape Library


EZ G-Code comes with a built-in Shape Library. If you need to cut a simple parametric shape, there is no need to have a designer take time out of their day to draw it in a CAD program. Shape sizes can be defined directly in the software with multiple shapes added to the job at once.

Enhanced to Meet Your Goals

Once you purchase a V-Series or V-Pro CNC cutting machine and load EZ G-Code onto your computer, you’ll find optional modules available at a low additional cost. Based on your application, one or more options can enhance EZ G-Code’s capabilities to meet your specific needs. All options require the Advanced EZ Interface with MultiTool.